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I am still waiting...

Hi Happy people, I hope your day is going good, its Sunday 2nd of August, I have been up-dating my website, at the momment it is all I can do, and ask the universe for customer's to buy product's.

I am now officially unemployed, with this virus still hanging around, and me having to have shielded since March! its a bit nerve racking going out, what are people's take on this virus, so many speculations around it, but I am airing on the side of caution, I have my website to keep me busy, I have been out a few times, as it would drive one insane being inside for so long.

I am now getting the stock back slowly, due to the fire in the ware-house, and I hope to be fully up and running soon.

I appreciate anyone who reads my blogs or visit's my website I will check in again soon, until then take care and stay safe.

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