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Trying To Build A Website pt 2

Ok, I have now got a website with wix, they were rated the best on Google, so I follow the plan, first I got my domain name. www.bathroomheaven.co.uk now bearing in mind I have never done anything like this before, I uploaded some products, etc then saved, the poor seo editor, I couldn't work out what he was telling me Ahhh I have a lightbulb moment, you tube, hooray for you tube, and my sanity. I found a wonderful guy who talked through step by step, I'm on a roll, after about 2 day's I have managed to sort out the seo pages, just now got to figure Instagram! at my age I thought I would be settled, not worrying etc, but nope the universe has other idea's, the ex husband lives with the neighbour, I am bringing up the 2 son's both adults! that's a different story... but I am not the kind to sit down and stew, I have to sit up and work out a way to survive.

My next mission is Instagram, looks like you tube is going to be my best friend...

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